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About Andrea

Whether you want to convince prospects to click a link or executives to invest in your services or contributors to open their hearts and their wallets, Andrea Johnson knows what to say and how to say it.  

She’ll do the work – you’ll get the rewards.

She has decades of experience developing content that sells. Services include ghostwriting, proposals, advertising copy, web pages, emails, ebooks, speeches, articles, sales letters and more.

Do you want to be recognized as an expert and influencer? Andrea can optimally position you in your marketplace. She’ll interview you to develop compelling article ideas, convince editors to publish them, and then write them on your behalf.

Do you want publicity? Andrea can unveil story ideas to make your organization stand apart and market them to reporters. She’s landed glowing coverage on the front page of national and regional newspapers and magazines.

Do you want to make a complex subject easy to understand? Andrea turns potentially painful-to-read subject matter into engaging blog posts and articles.

Do you want to compel your audience to take action? She can precisely outline the steps that will efficiently move them forward – whether that’s clicking a call to action on an email or ensuring they show up at an event.

Transform Your Ideas to Words™. Seize more opportunities, drive more business, capture more attention. And do it all with minimal effort. Contact Andrea Johnson today at t 612-827-3590 or


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Delighted Clients

  • An outstanding writer who gets it! Working with Andrea was a pleasure. As a fast-growing software company, we have an aggressive marketing content strategy. Andrea wrote numerous posts and articles for us and was spot on for messaging with each first draft. She was fast and focused. I was particularly impressed with her ability to listen and understand the nuance that makes the writing interesting to our audience.

    Orrin Broberg
  • Andrea is an excellent copywriter. Andrea is capable of coming into a project at the 11th hour, meeting with the team-lead for 30 minutes and then turning out well written copy in a short period of time to meet project needs. To provide some data to back up these claims, the last project Andrea and I worked on together was a segmented copy-heavy email campaign for an international eCommerce company. Andrea wrote five complete emails and encouraged our team through revisions in a record three days. All of those emails generated a revenue increase for our client. One email had over a 300% lift in revenue.

    Rebecca Strally
    Director of Brand Management
    The Doyle Group
  • Her copywriting has single-handedly generated millions of dollars in revenue for some of the largest companies in the world. With very little supervision, she can create an incredible amount of value.

    Paul Cheney
    Director of Marketing
    MECLABS (2013-2019)
  • Andrea Johnson is a brilliant writer and content strategist and a tireless worker. She understands business economics and can write for executive audiences, which is rare. She knows what to research and how to interview a wide range of people to develop lead nurturing storyboards and thought-leadership content. On top of that, she’s honest, empathetic, well-organized, and very nice.

    J. David Green
    Vice President of Marketing
    Lead Crunch

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